The Two Margaret Ropes

The cousins Margaret Agnes Rope (1882-1953) of Shrewsbury (professional name: Margaret Rope, later Sister Margaret of the Mother of God) and Margaret Edith Aldrich Rope (1891-1988) of Leiston (professional name M E A Rope or M E Aldrich Rope) were prominent international stained-glass artists in the Arts & Crafts idiom.

Their work can be seen in many churches and other buildings in England, Scotland and Wales as well as in Australia, Italy, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and the USA.

Although their lives and styles diverged, they worked together at the start of their careers and again right at the end of the elder Margaret's life.

Arthur Rope

A head and shoulders image of Arthur Rope

Arthur Rope

This theme has been written by Arthur Rope,  whose interest in stained glass arose after the death of his aunt, the prolific artist M. E. Aldrich Rope. Through researching her work, he came to the "discovery" of the work of her cousin Margaret Rope, arguably the greater artist. Subsequently, he built a website (Margaret Rope Stained Glass ) showcasing their work, as well as that of other artists in the family.