Adam, Stephen Junior

Stephen Adam Jun., north west window, Our Lord crowned with Thorns (1909), Church of St James the Less, Bishopbriggs, E Dunbartonshire.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Stephen Baillie Adam (1872-1960) studied at the Glasgow School of Art before joining his father’s firm, which became Stephen Adam & Son. However, the two men quarrelled, which lead to a permanent separation and a breaking of the partnership in 1904. Afterwards he established his own studio, which included a period working with Robert Paterson, a skilled cabinet maker, before eventually moving to America.

The image opposite comes from the church of St James the Less, Bishopbriggs, E Dunbartonshire where the work of Stephen Adam Jun. was highlighted by Iain Galbraith.

Scotland’s Stained Glass Making the Colours Sing by Michael Donnelly (Historic Scotland, 1977)
200 Scottish Stained Glass Artists by Rona H Moody in The Journal of Stained Glass Scotland Issue Vol XXX (2006)

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