Sumner, Heywood

Heywood Sumner and James Powell & Sons, south aisle east window (1900), Church of St Mary, Longworth, Oxfordshire.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

George Heywood Maunoir Sumner (1853–1940) was an artist, illustrator, and designer of large scale sgraffito mural decoration, as well as a local historian and archaeologist. He became part of the burgeoning Arts and Crafts circle in the 1880s, along with his brother-in-law W. A. S. Benson. He came from an ecclesiastical family, his grandfather Charles Sumner having been the Bishop of Winchester and his mother Mary founder of the Mother’s Union (1876). He was one of the founders of the Fitzroy Picture Society providing low-cost prints for missions, schools and churches, believing that good art should be for all. He moved to Hampshire in 1903, and devoted his later years to the study of the history, landscape and archaeology of his local area, producing several books.

Arts and Crafts Stained Glass by Peter Cormack (Yale University Press, 2015)
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