Skeat, Francis

Francis Skeat, Memorial window to Major Hawker VC DSO d.1916 (1967), Church of St Nicholas, Longparish, Hampshire.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Francis Walter Skeat FMGP (1909-2000) was a prolific stained glass artists, creating over 400 windows during his career. He was a pupil of Christopher Webb, and later worked for A. R. Mowbray & Co. in Oxford and J. Wippell & Co. of Exeter and designed for Barton, Kinder and Alderson. His own studio was established in Hertfordshire. The windows he made independently bear a close resemblance to Webb’s and it is easy to misattribute them, but Skeat worked with a slighter different palette – more pinks, greens, purples and oranges.

Source: Francis Skeat on Wikipedia