Richards, Ceri

Ceri Giraldus Richards CBE (1903-71) is acknowledged as Wales’ most important artist of the mid-twentieth century. He was born in Dunvant and studied at the local Swansea School of Art (1921-4), before winning a scholarship to the Royal College of Art (1924-7).

In the 1930s, Richards made an important contribution to Surrealism, while throughout his life the arts of music (he was excellent pianist with a particular admiration for Debussy) and poetry greatly influenced his work. In Wales he is particularly known for his paintings, drawings and prints based on the poetry of Dylan Thomas. There is also excellent glass and associated art-works by Richards in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, better known for its many windows by John Piper.

Ceri Richards – BBC Wales
Ceri Richards by Mel Gooding (Cameron & Hollis, 2002)

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