Mayer (Franz) of Munich

Mayer & Co was founded in 1847 by Joseph Gabriel Mayer (1808-83), a deeply religious man, who initially focused on producing stone figures and altars. However, in 1862 he commissioned his future son-in-law, F X Zettler (1841-1916), to set up a glass studio. The studio prospered and was particularly successful overseas, opening offices in London in 1865, Paris in 1869 and in New York in 1888. After Joseph Mayer’s death the business was continued by his English trained son, Franz Borgias Mayer (1848-1926). He continued the tradition of innovative techniques combined with a romantic outlook that glorified the Middle Ages. In the 20th century the importance of Munich Style stained glass declined and under the third and subsequent generations of the family the firm has evolved into one of the most innovate firms working in stained glass, producing work for such leading artists as Alexander Beleschenko and Brian Clarke

Franz Mayer of Munich: Architecture, Glass, Art by Gabriel Mayer (editor) (Hirmer, 2013)
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