Camm, Thomas William

Thomas William Camm (1839-1912) was a significant designer and manufacturer of stained glass windows.  He joined Chance Brothers of Smethwick as an apprentice and remained with the firm until the mid-1860s, when, along with his two brothers, who had also been working in the glass industry, he set up Camm Brothers. The business was successful and maintained a good relationship with Chance  Brothers. In 1882 the business was purchased by R. W. Winfield of Birmingham, but continued to trade as Camm Brothers. Thomas Camm left in 1888 to once again act independently, as T. W. Camm Studio . His brothers continued working for Winfields until 1893, when they set up their own business as Camm & Co.

English Glass Exported: Windows by Thomas William Camm at the Güell Palace, Barcelona by Dr Nuria Gil. Vidimus Issue No. 121
Stained Glass Marks & Monograms, complied by Joyce Little, and edited by Angela Goedicke & Margaret Washbourn (NADFAS, 2002)
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