Gibbs (Alexander) & Co

Alexander Gibbs & Co., east window (1856), Church of St Martin, Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Alexander Gibbs (1832-86) began his education in stained glass under his father, Isaac Alexander Gibbs (1802-51), who had received the family’s first stained glass commission in 1848. Following his father’s death Alexander continued the work of the studio in conjunction with his brother, Charles Alexander Gibbs (1825-77). However, the partnership soon broke up and from 1855 both brothers traded independently.

The studio of Alexander Gibbs & Co. is particularly noted for its collaborations with the architect, William Butterfield (1814-1900), many of whose designs they fulfilled from the early 1860s. An example of the collaboration is given below at St Ninian’s Cathedral, Perth. A particularly admired example of Alexander’s own work can be seen in a fine 1862 west window at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton. The studio continued after the death of Alexander Gibbs and was still active in 1915.

Source: Victorian Stained Glass by Martin Harrison (London : Barrie & Jenkins, 1980)

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