Chance Brothers

Chance Brothers, south nave window (1855), Lincoln Cathedral.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Chance Brothers was a leading glass manufacturer and a pioneer of British glassmaking technology. Founded in Smethwick in the 1820s, the business was acquired by Pilkingtons of St Helens in 1952, with the Smethwick glass factory finally closed in 1982. The Chance logo continues today as part of Chance Glass ltd, following a management buy-out. Amongst its more well-known works is the glazing for the Crystal Palace which housed the Great Exhibition of 1851, as well as the opal glass for the four faces of the clock of the Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben, at the Palace of Westminster. The company produced stained glass in the mid-nineteenth century, but by the 1860s realised they could not compete with the specialist studios.

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