Royal Painted Glass Manufactory, Munich / Max Emanuel Ainmiller

Royal Painted Glass Manufactory, Munich / Max Emanuel Ainmiller, north nave window (1853), Peterhouse Chapel, Cambridge.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand by permission of the Master and Fellows of Peterhouse.

Royal Painted Glass Manufactory (Königliche Glasmalereianstalt) , was founded in Munich by King Ludwig I in 1827. Its foundation reflected a growing interest in stained glass both as a result of the interest of collectors of old glass, and the revival of religious and liturgical arts.  Max Emanuel Ainmiller (1807-1870) was appointed to oversee production in 1833 and he took full control in 1851. The business flourished under his direction, with glass being exported throughout Europe and America, and its style of painting becoming influential on other studios. That style emphasised the use of enamel paints and large expanses of coloured and white glass to create a painterly style that was in sharp contrast to the small pieces of white and coloured glass that were leaded together in traditional stained glass.

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