Blyth, John

John Blyth (1915-99) studied at the Edinburgh College of Art under Herbert Hendrie, later joining his studio. He went on to work with several other firms over the years, including Clokey’s in Belfast and Shrigley & Hunt, but also had his own studio and in 1947 shared a studio with Margaret Chilton and Marjorie Kemp. He also worked with William Wilson from time to time, especially towards the end of Wilson’s life when his sight was failing.

Source: 200 Scottish Stained Glass Artists by Rona H Moody in The Journal of Stained Glass Scotland Issue Vol XXX (2006)


John Blyth and the Worshipful Company of Glaziers

The Worshipful Company of Glaziers first appears in written records in 1364-65 during the reign of Edward III, when the emphasis was on the protection of the personal economic welfare of Glaziers. However, in recent times the focus has shifted to the preservation of the heritage of stained glass and to the support of education in architectural glass art, design and conservation.

In 1932 the Company launched an annual competition for young artists, which from 1972 operated under the banner of the Stevens Competition. The competition provided an opportunity for aspiring architectural glass artists, designers, and craftsmen to compete in a format which simulated the process typically undertaken in order to obtain a commercial commission.

John Blyth was a prize winner in 1938-39.