Dearle, John Henry

John Henry Dearle and Morris & Co, The Visitation (1910), north wall, Epiphany Chapel, Winchester Cathedral
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

John Henry Dearle (1859-1932) joined Morris & Co. in 1878 and rose to become its chief designer by 1890, creating designs for tapestries, embroidery, wallpapers, woven and printed textiles, stained glass, and carpets. Following Morris’s death in 1896, Dearle was appointed Art Director of the firm, and became its principal stained glass designer on the death of Burne-Jones in 1898.

Morris’s reputation overshadowed Dearle’s work throughout Dearle’s career: Dearle exhibited early patterns under Morris’s name and Dearle designs continue to be sold as Morris patterns. Critical assessment of Dearle’s work then underwent a significant change, during the final decades of the twentieth century, recognizing Dearle’s mature work as having a unique artistic vision of its own. Dearle always remained close to Morris’s aesthetic, but from the 1890s onward he incorporated a distinctive set of Persian and Turkish influences.

Source: John Henry Dearl on Wikipedia

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