Denny, Tom

Tom Denny (b.1956) is one of the most distinguished of contemporary artists, whose work can be found in cathedrals and churches throughout Britain. He studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and exhibited in London and New York, before concentrating on stained glass. He works with materials and techniques that are largely the same  as those used in the fourteenth century, along with the nineteenth century technique of acid etching flashed glass. This, he believes, helps to incorporate his windows in their settings. He notes that the “treatment of  imagery can be very different, but colour, texture and the intransigence  of lead and glass all make connections with what is already there,  whether it is other stained glass, or the forms and surfaces of surrounding architecture and artefacts. Stained glass must be  interesting and beautiful in its own right, but it must always  acknowledge its context.”

Source: Tom Denny website