Guthrie (J. & W.) & Andrew Wells

J. & W. Guthrie & Andrew Wells was formed in 1899 as the successor to J. & W. Guthrie. This remained the firm’s name until the early 1960s, when it became Guthrie & Wells. Andrew Wells had previously worked with Daniel Cottier, becoming one of his chief assistants, before spending sometime in Australia with Lyon, Cottier & Co. in Sydney.

The new firm, like J. & W. Guthrie, used a number of different designers including, Charles Paine, Charles Lamb Davidson and Nina Miller Davidson. Examples of their work can be seen at St Margaret’s Parish Church, Dalry, North Ayrshire.

Glasgow School of Art archives – Guthrie-and-Wells-ltd
Mackintosh-architecture – University of Glasgow catalogue

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