McLellan, Sadie

Sadie McLellan, detail of Christ and the World's Beauty (1955), Glasgow Cathedral.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Sadie Fadden McLellan (1914-2007) produced an exceptional body of work. A perfectionist by temperament, working always in solitary conditions, her output was significantly smaller than contemporaries such as William Wilson and Gordon Webster, yet it contains some of the most powerful and imaginative glass in twentieth century Scotland. Her husband, Walter Pritchard, was also a stained glass artist.

Scotland’s Stained Glass Making the Colours Sing by Michael Donnelly (Historic Scotland, 1977)
For an appreciation see ‘The Stained Glass of Sadie McLellan: Reflections on Modernism by Sarah Alford in The Journal of Stained Glass, Vol. XXX, 2006

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