Lee, Lawrence

Lawrence Lee, detail of nave Red Window: God side (1962), Coventry Cathedral.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Lawrence Stanley Lee FMGP (1909 – 2011) trained at Kingston Art School and the Royal College of Art before the war. After the war he worked for Martin Travers, and it was Travers’ unexpected death in 1948, which led to Lee forming his own studio. A wide range of commissions followed, including his famous windows at Coventry Cathedral, with Keith New and Geoffrey Clarke, which established his reputation. Lee was also a teacher both formally at the Royal College of Art, and in his studio to a succession of assistants. He was notable in acknowledging the contribution of his assistants by including their initials on windows, along with his own.

The special theme celebrating the work of Lawrence Lee, which includes two essays but his former assistant, Philippa Martin can be found here.

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