Chapel Studio

Alfred Fisher of Chapel Studio, re-set medieval fragments (c.1405) and modern surrounds (1992), north nave aisle, Winchester Cathedral.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Chapel Studio was established in 1973 by Alfred Fisher MBE FMGP FRSA and Peter Archer FMGP, who both had extensive knowledge of traditional craftsmanship acquired at James Powell & Sons. In 1975 Robert Holloway AMGP joined the Studio, a second generation stained glass craftsman also from James Powell & Sons, bringing to the Studio his expertise on the practical side, which contributed to the establishment of the Studio in the early years, alongside the painting and design skills of Alfred Fisher and Peter Archer.

The studio continued under Robert Holloway following the retirement of Alfred Fisher and Peter Archer in 1999. Peter Campling ACR of M. C. Lead Glaziers Ltd, craftsmanship award winner in 1990, bought Chapel Studio in 2016 and adopted the Chapel Studio name overall. Bob Holloway retired in 2020, and Peter Campling ACR continues to run the company.

The company continues to be recognized as a leading authority for new designs, the conservation of medieval stained glass, the restoration and conservation of Victorian stained glass, and environmental protective glazing systems, as well as on unusual glazing arrangements of historic significance.

Source: Chapel Studio website