Freeth, Thomas

Thomas Freeth, St George window (1985), Church of St George, Beckenham, Greater London.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Thomas Freeth (1912-1994) studied at the Royal College of Art, before travelling in Spain and France. He was able to paint while serving in the Royal Engineers during the Second World War, and four of his paintings were purchased by the War Artists Advisory Committee.  (Five of Freeth’s wartime paintings can be seen on Art UK.) After a short period in Yorkshire after the war he moved south to Bromley and then Beckenham, where he taught at the School of Art.

The image shown on this page is of the last window created by Freeth for the Church of St George, Beckenham (1985), and marked the centenary of the rebuilding of the Church. As St George’s popularity in England dates back to the time of the Crusades, Freeth drew inspiration for this window from a brass of a crusader.

Notes by Thomas Freeth
The Journal of Stained Glass, Vol XLI, 2017
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