Bossányi, Ervin

Ervin Bossányi, 'In His Hands a Seed will Grow', west end of the south aisle (1943), Chapel of St Peter's College, Oxford
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Ervin Bossányi (1891-1975) now best known for his glorious stained glass, was a master in many art forms. His work, expressed in a language of strong colour and skilful draughtsmanship, speaks of harmony, serenity, and human dignity which tells much about a sensitive artist who shunned publicity and was happiest in the sanctuary of his studio. Born in Hungary, Bossányi was twice exiled, first in Germany, and then after the rise of National Socialism, in England. The influences upon him crossed cultural divides and continents and were blended into an unmistakable personal style.

Source: Ervin Bossányi: Vision, Art and Exile by edited by Sarah Brown and Jo Bossányi (Spire Books, 2008)

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