Payne, Edward

Edward Payne, Ascension window (1948), Church of St Martin, Kensal Rise, London.
Photo: Peter Hildebrand

Edward Raymond Payne (1906-1991) was a painter, teacher and stained glass artist.  He grew up in a Cotswolds Arts and Crafts milieu, his father being Henry Payne, who moved to Gloucestershire when Edward was three. He left Gloucestershire to study at the Royal College of Art in 1923, and spent some months working at Morris & Co. in 1929. He was based in London during the early 30s, but returned to Gloucestershire to assist his father in 1936. He married and moved to Box, where he would live most of the rest of his life – save for service during World War Two. He worked almost up to his death in 1991, a late window being at Randwick, near Stroud, in 1988. He drew on traditional ways of working and said he read Christopher Whall’s Stained Glass Work every day.

Payne’s daughter is the artist Caroline Swash.

Edward Payne on
Edward Payne 1906-1991, edited by Rachel Payne (Moss & Glass, 1995)
Edward Raymond Payne 1906-1991 by Malcolm Martin (Edward Payne Centenary Committee, 2006)

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