Guthrie, J. & W.

J & W Guthrie was the most important and prolific of the new studios to emerge in Glasgow in the 1880s. The brothers, John (1849-1915) and William (1850-1897), both trained at the Glasgow School of Art and formed a partnership c.1874, following on from the firm of painters and decorators founded by their father John Guthrie Sr. (1823-1875) in 1850. John Guthrie moved to London in 1889, when the firm opened a showroom in Oxford Street.

They began making stained glass c.1884 using a variety of designers. These included

  • The artist Sir James Guthrie (1859-1930),
  • Norman McLeod MacDougall (1852-1939), who had worked with Daniel Cottier on many important projects. One of the windows made for Hyndland Parish Church can be seen on his artists page.
  • Frederick Vincent Hart (1843-1914), who was Daniel Cottiers chief freelance designer,
  • Robert Anning Bell (1863-1933), who designed five windows (1895) for Crathie Parish Church.
  • Christopher Whall (1849-1924), who designed a series of windows (1889-90) for the Clark Memorial Church, Largs, N Ayrshire.

William’s son John Gordon Guthrie (1874-1961) worked for the company before emigrating to the USA in 1896, where he had a long and productive career.

In 1899 Andrew Wells, who had worked closely with Daniel Cottier, latterly in Australia, returned to Glasgow and joined the firm, which became J. & W. Guthrie & Andrew Wells. At the same time John Guthrie retired to pursue a solo career.

Source: Scotland’s Stained Glass Making the colours sing by Michael Donnelly (Historic Scotland, 1977)

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